Why Silk

Why Choose Silk? 

There are a number of reasons brides today choose silk flowers over the traditional real ones, besides the cheaper price. Pave Wedding Designs is here to help you make that difficult decision a lot easier. 

Reason #1 – The Ultimate Keepsake and Treasure 

What better keepsake to remind you of your special day, than the very bouquet that you hold as you walk down the aisle to meet your Prince? A bridal bouquet from Pave Wedding Designs will be cherished for many years to come. Also, other arrangements such as centerpieces can be displayed in your home afterwards. 

Reason #2 – Hassel Free Destination Weddings 

Many brides can stress out trying to coordinate the flowers from afar for their destination wedding. Pave Wedding Designs can ship your bridal flower ensemble to any international location and have them there days before you arrive. Know exactly what you’re getting, no stress, no surprises, just relaxation on your most important day in the most gorgeous location. 

Reason #3 - No Wilting, Discoloring, or Petal Loss 

Silk flowers won’t wilt, discolor, or lose petals before you arrive at the main event. Many natural flowers like calla lilies or gardenias are very delicate. If you plan on taking early morning photos, have an afternoon wedding ceremony, and party late into the night at your reception your flowers won’t make it. Silk arrangements from Pave Wedding Designs will look as fresh at 9 in the morning as they will at 9 in the evening. 

Reason #4 - Outdoor Weddings 

The sun and heat makes outdoor weddings especially challenging for florists and brides. Most fresh flowers begin wilting at the very moment they are cut. Trying to keep flowers looking fresh during an outdoor event can be almost impossible, and cause everyone involved needless stress. With silk flowers, no matter the weather the day of your wedding, you can rest easy knowing your flowers will always look exquisite. 

Reason # 5 – No Allergies 

If you have allergies to pollen, silk flowers are a perfect solution. Don’t put yourself through itchy eyes, congestion, and sneezing for the sake of having natural flowers. If you get a little misty eyed walking down the aisle let it be for the right reasons and not because of your flowers. 

Reason # 6 – More choices 

Do you have your heart set on hydrangeas, but they are out of season? With silk flowers that is not an issue. Brides won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get those out-of-season flowers imported. Pave Wedding Designs can find any flower you want and make your floral dreams come true for a great price. 

Reason # 7 - Exceptional Realism 

None of the above 6 reasons would matter if silk flowers looked cheap and artificial. Pave Wedding Designs only works with the finest silk flowers on the market. We take pride in the exceptional realism of our arraignments. When your silk flowers arrive you won’t remember why you even questioned going silk.